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Drone Hire, Drone Survey, Roof Inspection, Virtual Tour, Aerial Photography




Aeroscape is an exciting Aerial survey company that is technically minded to deliver the most efficient solution for your business. Aeroscape is here to bring you the fantastic opportunity to transition from land to air to promote your business, showcase your property or keep progress on an engineering or construction project.

From the Air

We use a fleet of state of the art drones and high-resolution cameras, to provide cutting-edge aerial services fully licensed through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  We have over 15 years’ combined experience in Aircraft Engineering, Maritime Offshore Surveying and have also taken on a creative side.  Aeroscape is on hand to understand any aerial requirement you may need.

Our wealth of engineering expertise and flair for creativity helps us stand out from our competitors. We are modern, fresh and highly qualified. We know how to fly and also understand how and when things go wrong in aviation, how they can be prevented and recognize the symptoms of failure. A drone is no different. It is still classified as an aircraft and regulated by the CAA and as such we have been accredited and Licensed by them to carry out aerial work.

Aeroscape is fully trained and qualified in Human Factors and Maintenance Error management which allows us to understand how we can operate at maximum efficiency within our safe limits and to recognize how easily aviation errors can be made and how to militate against such errors to protect the public. This qualification is a prerequisite in order to be employed in Civilian aviation engineering.

There’s More….We also hold Valid Offshore survival certificates (BOSIET) and a valid medical certificate in case our projects require us to venture offshore. Not only that but we also hold a valid Security Clearance which means we’ve been scrutinized and fit to survey in the most secure areas.


From the Land


On land, we have full virtual reality capability to allow the client to be immersed in full 360° panoramic imagery and walkthrough property tours.

Providing a fully detailed precise 3D floor plan, in Dolls House format, 3D or 2D images.

Are you a major developer constructing 100’s of homes? When your customers have bought off plan, this is a great way to show them the progress of their build direct to their smart devices whilst never leaving the sofa, imagine how many people they can show it? Imagine how noticed your business will get?

Are you a major engineering contractor that wants to showcase the complexities of your project at every stage from design conception to completion? Provide a walk-through tour to all audience, and even better to the project planners that can instantly monitor the process from anywhere remotely.

Have a problem with a build and need someone to make an informed rapid cost-effective decision? but you’re 300miles away. We can survey the internal area and have this processed within a matter of hours saving you unnecessary costs.

Or are you selling your property? you only are required to tidy up once, no more failed viewings because the showreel of your property in full 3D will ensure your prospective buyer will never cancel as they have seen every detail of your property in 4K 3D, and are even keener to see it in reality

Are you a buyer? Imagine being able to view tens of properties in minutes without having to arrange a convenient viewing time, or waiting for an agent to be available as there is no one to show you around the property. What if you have to wait a week to view because of your circumstances but someone else has beaten you to it?

The potential is endless, Outside, Above or Internally, Aeroscape can take your project to the next level.


At Aerospace the Client, the Employees, and the Public are our priority and we work closely with all parties involved to ensure the best solution is derived from your specification in the safest possible manner.

Our precise operating schedule and maintenance logs ensures our aircraft are always in a serviceable state ensuring that time on site is efficient, completely safe and carried out with precision.

It doesn’t have to be all serious and precise though? Aeroscape are not all about engineering, we also have a creative photography and videography side to help move your business forward in ways that have not been possible before. Utilising the latest technology in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) twinned with high-end precision and agility, complete with stable 4K HD Cameras. Anything is possible.

Please check out the FAQ’s to see what we are legally allowed to do and the restrictions set upon us which are governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


Drone Hire, Drone Survey, Roof Inspection, Virtual Tour, Aerial Photography
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Drone Hire, Drone Survey, Roof Inspection, Virtual Tour, Aerial Photography
Personal Profile Coming Soon ....
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